Zeus  Restaurant...Greek^^Grill^^Mediterranean


A La Carte Menu



(Cold & Hot Mezes)

Cold €uro

Dips & Warm Pita Bread


Greek Yoghurt with shredded cucumbers, garlic & dill 4.75


Grilled Aubergine & Green peppers puree with parsley & garlic 4.75


Fish Roe blended with bread, olive oil, lemon juice,

Onion & salmon caviar 4.75


Chick Peas & sesame paste with garlic, olive oil 4.75

Meze of Dips

Platter of 4 dips served with pita bread 10.75


Feta Cheese , Kalamata Olives & Pita 6.95

Kalamata Olives & Pita 3.75

Greek Salad (Tomatoes, Cucumber, green pepper, onion,

Olives & feta cheese) 6.95


Vine Leaves filled with rice & fresh herbs served with

Oregano yoghurt 5.95

Octopus Salad – with diced onion, peppers, black olives, olive oil

Served on rocket leaves 8.95

Bruschetta (4 pcs) – topped with tomatoes, onion, olives, peppers

& crushed feta cheese 3.50

Hot Mezes €uro

Lahano Dolmathes – Cabbage rolls filled with beef mince , rice,

Tomato puree & herbs served with oregano yoghurt 5.95

Spanakotiropita – olive oil pastry filled with spinach & crushed

Feta cheese 5.95

Fried Courgettes – Sliced & tossed in flour 2.75

Meatballs in Tomato Sauce 5.95

Saganaki – Greek Kefalotiri cheese seasoned with egg & flour 6.95

, pan fried

Kalamarkia – Chopped calamari tossed in flour & fried 8.95

Fish fritters served with separate tomato , onion & herbs salsa 6.50

Lamb Sausage – Grilled & served with greek kefalotiri shavings

& rocket salad 7.50


Fresh soup of the Day 6.00


(Pasta ordered for main course – additional 2.50)

Pasta with meatballs, tomato & feta cheese 7.50

Pasta with Seafood, cherry tomatoes, garlic, white wine 10.50

Pasta with chicken, spinach, feta cheese & cream 8.50

Main Dishes

(served with baked or fried potatoes & vegetables)


From the Grill -

Chicken Breast marinated in sweet paprika grilled and served

with an Authentic greek salad & Tzatziki 14.50

Chicken Breast Souvlaki (kebab) – Diced chicken breast marinated

in oregano & Lemon served with sliced tomatoes,

pilaf rice & tzatziki 14.50

Pork Cutlet grilled with lemon & oregano, served with greek salad &

Tzatziki 13.95

Fresh Beef Rib-Eye Steak (300 grms) cooked on charcoal,

topped with thyme & Oregano butter 19.50

Fresh Beef Rib-Eye Steak (300grms) cooked on charcoal

topped with Feta Cheese Sauce or black pepper sauce 22.00

Lamb Cutlets (Paidakia Arnisia) – Tender Lamb Cutlets marinated

in mint, Lemon & cumin grilled on charcoal served

with mint yoghurt 19.50

Mixed Grill – Lamb Sausages, Chicken Breast, Pork Loin &

Beef bifteki Served with tzatziki 19.50


(served with baked or fried potatoes & vegetables)


Kotopoulo me Spanaki ke Feta

Chicken Roulade filled with spinach and authentic greek

feta cheese Simmered In own stock and spinach cream 15.50

Kouneli –

Tender pan seared rabbit tossed in onion, diced carrots,

mushrooms, Garlic Topped with flaked almonds 14.95

Arni Se Filo – (Signature Dish)

Shredded lamb blended with tomato, onion & fresh mint &

kefalotiri Cheese Wrapped in Filo pastry and baked.

Served with separate tomato salsa 15.95

Kleftiko -

Tender Slow cooked lamb shanks baked with mint &

potatoes 16.95

Moussaka -

(Traditional Greek Lasagna) – Layers of aubergines,

minced beef with cinnamon, tomato puree & bechamel topping 13.50

Stifatho –

Beef entrecote chunks cooked with onions, crushed tomatoes &

Spiced With cinnamon 14.95

Sea food Dishes

(served with baked or fried potatoes & vegetables)

Psari - Fish

Seabass Fillet baked with fresh tomatoes, oregano & white

Wine 18.50

Seabass cooked on lava grill 18.50

Other fresh fish available – price according to weight

Garithes Me Rizo -

Fresh local King Prawns simmered in garlic, olive oil

& white wine seved with pilaf rice 21.50

Garithes Me Feta

Prawns (De-shelled) cooked with tomato , fresh herbs

& Greek Feta Cheese served with pilaf rice 19.50

Kalamari -

Calamari – Flash fried chopped Calamari in a light batter

Served with salad 17.50

Calamari stuffed with salmon & Seafood cooked with cherry tomatoes.

Garlic & white wine, served with side pilaf rice 19.50

(When available)

Vegetarian Main Dishes

Choriatiki Salata

Traditional greek salad with fresh tomatoes, green pepper,

Onion, cucumber, greek feta cheese, black olives & oregano 9.50

Piperies yemistes me Salata

Baked Green peppers stuffed with rice & topped with

Grated kefalotiri cheese served with salad & tzatziki 12.50

Lahanika Souvlaki

Fresh vegetables on skewers – drizzled with lemon juice &

Oregano – cooked on lava grill served with tomatoes pilaf rice &

Tzatziki 12.50

Vegetarian Platter

Dolmadakia (stuffed Vine Leaves with rice), Cheese & Spinach

Pastries , greek salad with kalamata olives & feta cheese &

Tzatziki 13.50


Baked Potatoes 1.75

Fried Potatoes 1.75

Pita Bread 1.00

Chili Sauce 2.00



Layers of filo pastry & crushed walnuts in a honey & cinnamon

Syrup 5.50

Baklava with side ice cream 6.50

Baklava with side yoghurt 6.50

Greek Yoghurt topped with crushed walnuts, chopped dried

Figs & drizzled with honey 5.50

Crème Caramel

In-house made crème caramel 3.50

Ice- Cream or Sorbet 3.75

Date Pastries served with vanilla ice cream 5.95


Choux pastry balls filled with cream and coated with soft

Chocolate 3.95


Ask our server for our choice of cakes 4.50

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